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Windscreen chip repair advice

Don’t ignore a windscreen chip and wait until it’s too late! Even the smallest windscreen chips can quickly spread into a large crack if left untreated. In order to save your windscreen, you should act quickly.

More often than not there is no need to replace your windscreen. Service 8® Auto Glass has a repair first policy. This means we always advise you to repair your windscreen rather than replace it. Repairing a windscreen takes less than 30 minutes and is on average one third of the cost of a typical replacement.

Take advantage of our mobile windscreen repair services, we come to you at your home, work or job site. Fast same day services available. Tweed Heads and surrounding areas.

Find out more, about what can damage be repaired and how much it costs.

Quality Windscreen Repairs – No Fix, No Fee

Not all windscreen repair services are the same quality. Service 8® uses the latest professional auto glass repair systems from Delta Kits USA, along with high performance resins.

This ensures you get the best quality windscreen repairs available in Australia. Our repair systems out perform the competition by repairing larger stone chips in more places on the windscreen.

Many corporate repairers use automatic systems that have limitations preventing you from repairing and forcing you to replace when not required. Call us today for a second opinion, we advise according to the Australian Standards, not the limitations of our equipment.

What windscreen damage can be fixed?

Generally speaking a windscreen can be repaired if the damage is no larger than a 20 cent coin (30mm), depending where on the windscreen the damage is located. For more details see our frequently asked questions.

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