Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does a windscreen repair cost from Service 8®?

A: $78.00, this includes complimentary mobile service for Gold Coast, Tweed Heads, and many surrounding areas. Other known brands can change $140.00 or more.

Q: Are Service 8® windscreen repairs as good as the guys that advertise on TV.

A: Yes, in fact our repair system can fix larger stone chips in more places on your windscreen. This means you have a increased chance of repairing your windscreen with Service 8®.

Q: What happens if I ignore a windscreen chip? Will it get bigger?

A: If you ignore a chip on your windscreen it can only get worse, the question is when? We have know chips to last for years and other times only minutes, hours or days. If you want to avoid a replacement its best to have any windscreen damage repaired quickly.

Windscreen cracks collect moisture, dirt and debris, which may contaminate the damaged area. If left untreated, this will effect the clarity should you decide to repair months later.

Q: Will the windscreen chip be invisible when its repaired?

A: You will still be able to see where the chip is, however the visibility of the chip will be dramatically reduced. It all depends how old the chip is and if it has been contaminated.

Even if the chip has been contaminated it may still be repaired, however the end result may not be as clear as it could have been if you had got it repaired immediately.

Q: How long will a repair last after it has been fixed?

A: A successful repair should last for a lifetime. However, if your vehicle is exposed to long hours of direct sunlight as most are in QLD, then the repair can discolor over time. This can take several years though.

Service 8® uses the best quality windscreen repair resin so the best result can be expected from our products.

Even if the repair does discolor over time the damage with still be stable and will not crack.

Q: I have some windscreen patches. This will stop the damage from getting worse right?

A: No, These patches when placed over the damaged area are designed to keep a chip free from contamination by preventing moisture from entering a chip.

The truth is they are used for marketing purposes. You will find most of the them have phone numbers printed on them.

There is not much use for them really. Best thing to do have your windscreen repaired and don't delay it. The longer you leave it the more chance the damage will deteriorate.