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How We Repair A Windscreen

Have you ever wondered how a windscreen is repaired?

A chip repair is a cost effective but proven alternative to replacing a chipped/cracked windscreen. A windscreen chip or crack is repaired by injecting a special liquid resin into the damaged area of the glass. 

Once the windscreen chip has been injected, UV light is used to harden the repair resin. This can be by using a UV lamp. Finally, the windscreen repair area is polished for clarity.

Once the repair is complete, structural strength is restored and the damage will be significantly less visible. In addition, your vehicle will now be roadworthy and the damage will not spread.

What Results To Expect

Repairing a windscreen chip restores structural integrity to damaged windscreen (prevents cracking).

The stone chip is less visible, in many cases as much as an 80% improvement in clarity.

Repairing a chip saves money on windscreen replacement, especially if your vehicle is equipped with ADAS (Cameras, Lane detection, etc). Genuine ADAS Windscreens can cost several thousand dollars, so repairing a chip is a substantial saving.

A repaired windscreen chip will pass a roadworthy certificate

For more information visit our FAQ page.

windscreen repair before result
Windscreen repair after result

Things To Note - The Small Print

A cracked laminated windscreen is unpredictable and can spread at any time.

Service 8® takes the greatest care and in addition we use the most forgiving methods. However, during the repair process windscreen chips can spread and/or may not be able to be repaired.

The cause of this is due to many factors beyond our control. For example, if the chip has been on the windscreen for a long time (months), it can become contaminated and this can affect the clarity of the end result.

In addition, a chip near the edge of a windscreen can be under more stress/tension than in the middle. This can increase the chance of it spreading during the operation as pressure is applied.

That said, this is a very rare occurrence (less than 1%), so taking the chance to repair is well worth the risk. 

Finally, if for some reason the chip cannot be repaired than there will be not charge.

For windscreen replacements visit our other website.

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