Roadworthy Certificates

If you require a windscreen repair to pass a Roadworthy Certificate the following information may be very helpful.

Please note this is general guide. Please see your local licensed vehicle test center for detailed information.

Australian Windscreen Standards for Windscreen Repair and Window Tinting.

Generally speaking a windscreen in Australia should be replaced if it is badly scratched severely chipped, cracked, or discolored. This kind of damage cannot/should not be repaired.

The drivers side of the windscreen that extends to the center cannot have move than two of the following defects.

Please read the windscreen standard above to understand these standards clearly.

You should also take into consideration that not all windscreen repairers can repair this kind of damage. For, example Service 8® Auto Glass will only repair stone chips and not long cracks.

The reason for this is we believe that repairing a long crack is not worth the investment for you. When a crack is repaired the clarity is only marginally restored, (perhaps 60/70%). This means you can still clearly see the crack even when it has been repaired.

Smaller windscreen stone chips on the other hand can improve in clarity as much as 80%. So repairing a smaller chip has a much better result.

Also be aware then some auto glass repairers will only repair very small chips no larger than 10mm. This is because their equipment has limitations and can't repair chips any larger. This can become a problem if you have a chip of 16mm and you need it fixed for a roadworthy.

Service 8® has the best quality windscreen repair systems, so we can fix larger chips in more areas on the windscreen.

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