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This guide is intended for NSW motorists, however for reference we have included details of the QLD Standards too

The information is general, however it is an accurate guide as per the windscreen repair standards for NSW & QLD. However, please seek advice from your local licensed vehicle test center for detailed information, as some States in Australia may be different.

For actual information refer to the following PDF documents. Windscreen Repair Standards NSW. Windscreen Repair Standards QLD.

What Windscreen Damage Can Be Repaired?

A windscreen should be replaced if it is severely chipped, cracked, abraded, badly scratched or discolored.

The area of the windscreen in front of the driver extending across to the center of the vehicle is only allowed to have any two of the following defects.

A crack up to 30mm long (Size of a 20c coin)

A crack from the very edge of the windscreen no more than 75mm long (A fraction longer than the width of $50 note)

A Bulls eye/star or other windscreen chip no more than 16mm in diameter (Size of a 5c coin)

Sometimes It's Not Worth Repairing

Not all windscreen repairer companies can or will repair all kinds of windscreen damage, even if it’s within the standard to be repaired. For example, Service 8® Auto Glass only repairs stone chips, not long cracks.

The reason being we believe that repairing a long crack is not worth the investment for you.

When a long windscreen crack is repaired the clarity is only marginally restored, (perhaps 60/70%). This means you can still see the crack even when it has been repaired. At night this can be a distraction as lights from oncoming traffic can glare the driver as they shine on the crack.

Smaller windscreen stone chips on the other hand can improve in clarity as much as 80%. So repairing a smaller chip has a better result and much less chance of the glare effect.

Some auto glass repairers will only repair very small chips no larger than 5mm. This is because their equipment has limitations and can struggle to repair chips any larger. This can become a problem if you have a chip of 16mm and you need it fixed for a roadworthy.

If all else fails and you need a windscreen replacement, visit our other website.

Professional Windscreen Repair Systems

Service 8® Auto Glass uses professional quality manually operated windscreen repair systems. This allows our experienced technicians to skillfully “work the chip”, as a result, we are able to fix larger windscreen chips with more success on more places on the windscreen.

Automated repair machines used by larger corporations are designed for just that, “automation”. They are designed for ease of use and are favored by inexperienced technicians. The systems work reasonable well, however, they do have many limitations and are restrictive.

Finally, it’s good practice to always get a second opinion, just to be sure you have been given the correct advice. Call us today for free advice.

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