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Windscreen Repair FAQ

What happens if I ignore a windscreen chip? Will it get bigger?

If you ignore a windscreen chip it can only get worse, the question is when?

We have known chips to last for years and other times only minutes, hours or days. If you want to avoid a replacement its a smart choice to have windscreen damage repaired quickly.

Windscreen cracks collect moisture, dirt and debris, which may contaminate the damaged area. If left untreated, this will affect the clarity should you decide to repair it months later.

In addition when the windscreen is exposed to the sun and heat in general, it greatly increases the chance the damage will spread. 

I have some windscreen patches. This will stop the damage from getting worse right?

No, windscreen repair patches when placed over the damaged will not prevent spreading. They are at best used to keep a chip free from contamination by preventing moisture from entering the chip. But, are not necessary.

The truth is they are simply round bits of clear sticky tape. The main purpose is for marketing, you will find they have phone numbers printed on them.

The best thing you can do is have your windscreen repaired as soon as possible. The longer you leave it the more chance the damage will deteriorate. 

Give us a call, we are here to help. Alternatively, if you have left it too late and the damage is beyond repair, visit our other website for windscreen replacement.

How long will a windscreen repair last?

A high quality repair that has been successful should last for a lifetime. However, if your vehicle is exposed to long hours of harsh direct sunlight, then the chip repair can discolor over time. Although this can take several years if a good quality resin is used.

Service 8® uses high performance professional repair resin, so the best results can be expected. Even if the repair does discolor over time the damage will still be stable and will not crack.

Will the windscreen chip be invisible when it's repaired?

You will still be able to see where the chip is after the repair. This is because the chip is actually still there, just less visible due to the resin injection. That said, the visibility of the chip will be dramatically reduced. See the comparison.

The clarity of the chip depends how old the chip is and if it has been contaminated. Even if the windscreen chip has been contaminated it may still be repaired, however the end result may not be as clear as it could have been if you had got it repaired immediately.

Are all stone chips the same?

No, all stone chips and cracks are unique and require a different approach to repair them.

We use manual operated windscreen repair systems from Delta Kits USA.

These professional systems are able to fix larger stone chips in more places on your windscreen. This means you have an increased chance of repairing your windscreen.

How much does a windscreen repair cost?

Some companies charge over $150.00 for a windscreen repair. However, Service 8® charges $78.00 for local repairs in Tweed Heads and surrounding areas.

Additional repairs in the same visit are charged at $29.00. 

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